Usually, I'm possibly more non-plussed about these attacks than I possibly should be, but this one is shaking me 'cause I know the neighborhood. When I was in Israel, the school I went to is in Har Nof. It's such a tight community that 3 of the dead are husbands of women attached to the school. This was the first time…

Two very good longreads for you

The first article is about the fight against Ebola being waged by aid workers, doctors, and geneticists. One particular event in the story was particularly maddening to me, and I assume many here will feel the same way when you read it. Either way, it is well worth your time, and it will give you perspective that is…


Occupy TV

For those that might be interested, Occupy now has an online television station. You can watch it here! This just came across my twitter feed this evening, so I have not watched much of it and therefore cannot provide a proper review. Perhaps I will in a few days! Anyway, I just thought I would share it.