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I responded to a post about marbles a while back saying that I melt marbles into puddles of joy (the joy is mine when I take the lid off the kiln and see glass glowing at 2000°F). Someone asked me about it but I and Kinja seem to have ‘issues’. We finally resolved them (for now) so here is a peek at the puddles I make.


Many of these are transparent and so do not stand out well (about center, below and to the left of the red skull is one of my ugly bugs); to the right of the octopus is a Weeping Angel (from the Doctor) - there are 4 Weeping Angels, many, many skulls, Troopers, lizards, Buddhas and so on. In the upper left was my first attempt at a ‘shared heart’ in yellow and white. This collection is from June 2017 and the octopus was one of the most difficult to make - it is almost indistinguishable from the toy I made the mold from.

This post is difficult for me because of a life-long fear of being ridiculed; I remember being complemented twice in my middle school years - they were both from outside my family (I was never good enough for a compliment from my parents). I grew up learning to do things better than most people but not good enough that my parents would notice and slap me down.


The beads were made in 1993 and is a sampler; one bead of each color I had. I had just started bead-making and as you can see my quality control was not so good. I had a huge bowl of beads but gave them all away. I have given away most of the glass casting I have made also - I started a project called “A Random Act Of Art” where I would go up to strangers and give them one of the pieces. (by the way, what should I call these things? are they sculptures? Pieces?) Freya, my Golden Goddess, is telling me to go to bed

Good night all. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

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