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If you all remember, I work for the IRS and there are jobs!

IRS is hiring again up until the 22nd. If you are interested in a job that starts at $32k, is seasonal (January to June - you get to collect unemployment when not working), and they really, really need nice people who are literate. Seattle wants to hire 50 or so - I do not know about the other IRS cities. The requirements are 4 years of college - all of which can be replaced by experience. Go to and search on “irs + <your city>“

careers, visit us on the web at irs...


$16.56 - $21.52 / Per Hour

Series & Grade:



Seattle, Washington

Open Period:

7/12/2016 to 7/26/2016

Announcement Number:



Department Of The Treasury


Internal Revenue Service

Position Info:

Full Time, Seasonal, Day & Evening Shift - Permanent, Career/Career Conditional


Who May Apply:

US citizens; no prior Federal experience is required.

When I say it starts at $32k that includes the locality differential for Seattle (the above is the results of searching on “irs Seattle” so your mileage may vary. The first test is to make sure you are literate and can follow directions, the second test is how you handle phones, and the 3rd test are the classes. To be honest, I am not sure what the other cities are - probably Philly, Austin, Ogden, San Diego, Portland - whatevs. If you get hired, let me know - I keep hoping someone here finds a nice job.

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